Five W’s of God
The who, what, when, where, and why of God and His plan for creation


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You won't know how the story ends

if you don't know how it began

** What is going on in the world today?

** Are we really in the end times?

** Is Jesus about to return?

** When will the Antichrist appear and what can you do to protect       


Is your church teaching you about the first earth age, the return of the fallen angels, the Kenites, or of the coming Tribulation and Armageddon?

The Bible has all these answers but can be hard to understand without some guidance. Very few churches know these answers or teach them. Five W's of God can help you with these questions and so many more. You wouldn't read a story by skipping around in it or by starting in the middle or the end of the story, but that's how most people read the Bible. Five W's of God will guide you through God's plan from the beginning to the end so you can better understand the Bible for yourself and be prepared for these last perilous days.

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Are you prepared for the Antichrist?

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Chapter 1 - The Master Plan            Chapter 2 - God         Chapter 3 - Jesus       

Chapter 4 - Satan             Chapter 5 - The 1st Earth Age        Chapter 6 - The 2nd Earth Age        Chapter 7 - End of Days       Chapter 8 - The Millennium    Chapter 9 - Eternity & Beyond                               


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