The Five W’s of God
The who, what, when, where, and why of God and His plan for creation

Chapter 1

The Master Plan

    This is probably the only book you'll ever read that will tell you how the story ends right up front. No subtle foreshadowing or suspenseful buildup in this book! We'll take two looks at God's master plan for creation in this chapter: One look in a broad and general overview of the who, what, when, where and whys of this plan; then a second look in a more in-depth and documented overview.

      In the next three chapters of this book I will use the words of the Bible to describe all the various attributes and personality traits of the three main characters in this master plan: God, Jesus, and Satan. We will spend the remaining chapters of the book going through God's plan-not necessarily cover to cover through the Bible, but in chronological order as the plan unfolded in history and will continue to unfold into the future. I will take you on a journey through the first Heaven and Earth age, the second Heaven and Earth age, the end of days, through the Millennium, and into eternity. I want to give you the big picture now, though, so all the pieces will fall into place easier later in the book.

             As stated in the introduction, I also hope to bridge the apparent gap between what science tells us are the facts of history versus what some theologians say are the true events of history. Science and God cannot contradict each other, because God created what science only confirms. Science didn't make it; science found it. If there is a contradiction, something's amiss in the understanding of one of the two areas.

      Some of the things you read about this plan may surprise you, and others will create more questions. You may read about things you have never heard of before or even thought about that much, but I will elaborate on everything generalized in this chapter with a more detailed documentation from the word of God that hopefully will answer all your questions.

      Most importantly though, I want you to verify for yourself, everything you hear, read, or are taught about the Bible. With a Companion Bible and a good concordance, you can easily break the scriptures back down to their original languages and get a clearer, truer sense of what the verses are really trying to tell you. Don't let anyone ever tell you what the Bible says; read it and verify it for yourself. The Bible is a letter from God to each and every one of us. It works differently for different people, according to their needs.

      I am not saying that you can choose whatever parts of the Bible you want to follow and disregard the rest; you can't. The rules are the rules and it's not multiple choice. But the Holy Spirit will lead each of us according to God's will and His plan for us as we see in John 16:13-15:


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