The Five W’s of God
The who, what, when, where, and why of God and His plan for creation

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“Well worth the read for the Christian who has trouble believing on blind faith alone”

Midwest Book Review

When discussing the Bible in a literal sense, so many questions seem unanswerable. "Five Ws of God: The Who, What When, Where, and Why of God and His plan for Creation" hopes to answer these many skeptical questions aimed at the Holy Bible. Adam and Eve, Noah's flood, and countless other subjects are discussed, as Melisaratos hopes to give skeptic Christians a renewal of faith through his reasoning. "Five Ws of God" is well worth the read for the Christian who has trouble believing on blind faith alone. 


“Will bring deeper biblical understanding”

By Feathered Quill, Barnes & Noble book reviews

"Unlike most current evangelical or Christian apologetic writing, Five Ws of God does not insult the intelligence or even common sense of the non-Christian or un-believing reader. Following in the footsteps of such writers as C.S. Lewis and G.K Chesterton, Jerry Melisaratos places the Bibles account of the creation, God, Satan and the Divines plan for us and our world in a framework that does not contradict scientific knowledge or negate our most basic understanding of the universe. The writing is straightforward, consistent, and logical. Although Melisaratos tells us that he lacks theological credentials, this does not detract in any way from the directness or clarity of the book.As should be the case when presenting what our modern world would consider controversial or sensitive subject mater, Melisaratos has done considerable homework. Although Five Ws of God is not a work of erudition, Melisaratos takes considerable pains to guide the reader to a deeper understanding of biblical meaning by uncovering the original Hebrew and Greek words behind later translations. Melisaratos clearly shows that with careful study and access to appropriate reference materials, the reader can gain an understanding of the Bible that is fully compatible with history and science.Five Ws of God is a detailed map (for modern readers) of Gods process of creation, the source of evil, and the ultimate re-creation and perfection of Gods original designs. Like a well thought out debate, Five Ws of God starts with a summary, The MasterPlan. In this, Melisaratos details Gods original perfect design, the corruption by Satans misuse of free will, the battle and process of redemption for mankind, and ultimately the destruction of evil and the re-creation/perfection of both mankind and the universe. Melisaratos follows up this opening argument with chapters that delve into the nature, history and relevancy of God, Jesus, Satan and the timeline of existence. Of particular interest to readers will be the account of the various ages of heaven and earth.Quill says: Five Ws of God flows easily and will bring deeper biblical understanding to the Christian reader and, potentially, faith to the un-believer."



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